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Why do Children need Sports Physicals?

June 05, 2019

Even though we are just getting into the swing of summer, it’s not too early for your kids to get their sports physicals! In fact, before the back to school craziness kicks in, it’s a good idea to go ahead and check the sports physical box off the list!

Not sure if your child needs a sports physical? Well, let us give you the scoop on exactly what a sports physical is!

When fall comes around, there are lots of opportunities for our kids to play sports. Whether that be at school, in a league, at church, etc. We can all agree that we want our teams to be as healthy as possible!

A sports physical is a quick 15-25-minute physical with a provider that helps determine if it is safe for a child to play on a sports team.

There are two main components to a sports physical: a patient’s medical history and the physical examination.

The medical history focuses on looking at any illnesses or injuries a child might have had and any illnesses that are common amongst family members. And during the physical examination, the provider will look at the child’s height/weight, take their blood pressure, test their vision, etc.

There is no need to go to a primary care physician to get your children’s sports physicals done, when you can walk into any of our centers. No appointment necessary!

In fact, we have a special going on for $10.00 off sports physicals until August 31st, making them only $25.00! So, walk on in and let’s get you #aheadofthegame this summer!