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Jeff Anderson, MD

February 01, 2020

Dr. Anderson attended college right after high school but was unsure of which career path to take. His father encouraged him to join the military to gain some worldly experience and perspective. He took his father’s advice and joined the US Navy. As part of the Navy’s corpsman (medic) program, Dr. Anderson then knew that he belonged in medicine.

Dr. Anderson completed most of his undergraduate degree while on active duty. He attended the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, graduating in 1992. Looking back, he believes that his decisions were Divinely guided because, after many years in practice, he still enjoys practicing medicine, treating patients, and knows he is right where he is supposed to be as the Medical Director for our Charleston area urgent care centers.

In his spare time, Dr. Anderson enjoys boating, fishing, cycling and swimming. He loves living in the low country and enjoys the nature surrounding the city of Charleston. He appreciates how rivers, creeks, and the ocean are only minutes away and how easy it is to surround himself with nature at any time.