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Is it Still Flu Season?

March 27, 2019

The warmer weather, pollen on the roads and reemergence of flip flops might have you thinking that flu season is over. But unfortunately, the flu does not pay attention to seasons and is still prevalent all over the country as we head into April.

Here are a couple of facts from the CDC’s most recent flu report

  • The percentage of visits for flu like symptoms was 4.4% for the week of March 16th, which is higher than the national baseline of 2.2%
  • There have been 134,867 positive cases of the flu since September 30th, about 9,000 of those occurs the week of March 16th.
  • The flu hospitalization rate increased 5.8% the week of Mach 16th.
  • Both North and South Carolina reported high flu activity for the week of March 16th


It’s important to be aware that the threat of the flu is still there and to take precautions to prevent yourself from getting the flu this spring. Wash your hands, don’t drink after others, and if you are sick stay home from work/school and seek medical help!