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The Post & Courier Quotes Health First Provider, Dr. Jeff Anderson

August 17, 2019

Recently one of our Health First Providers, Dr. Jeff Anderson, spoke with a Post & Courier reporter about illnesses in the summer. See below for some snippets and to view the link to the full article.

With Charleston being a big tourist area, a lot of people do find themselves frequenting urgent-care centers for illnesses, said Dr. Jeff Anderson, a physician with Health First Urgent Care.

They’ve seen sporadic cases of the influenza virus throughout the summer, he said. And with strep throat, he said the number of cases never really died down with the start of the summer. They often see families coming in, all dealing with same virus or infection.

“You never expect to see the flu in July, but you see it,” he said.

In summer, when most kids aren’t in school, there is less chance of disease spreading. But Anderson emphasized that during the summer, kids can be exposed to illness sporadically.

He said his practice has had kids come in all summer who get sick after going to a party or camp. In a lot of cases, he said, parents come in with a sick child asking if it’s still OK for them to send their child to an upcoming event.

Full Post & Courier article can be found here