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Fight the Flu with Health First!

December 21, 2018

This year at Health First, we want you to do everything in your power to make sure that you don’t get the flu! It’s important to note that getting sick isn’t always avoidable, but there are key steps you can take to ensure you’re as prepared as possible to fight off the flu.

The number one way to prevent yourself from getting the flu is to get vaccinated. There are a lot of myths surrounding the flu shot, so we are here to clear up some confusion.

  • Getting the flu shot will not cause you to get the flu
  • It is not better to get the flu versus the flu shot
  • Women who are pregnant can get the flu shot
  • Children should get the flu shot


Here is what we do know about the flu shot:

  • Each year it prevents millions of people from getting the flu and is shown to reduce your chances by 40-60%
  • It takes two weeks for the flu shot to begin working, so you should get vaccinated ASAP
  • You need a new flu shot every flu season
  • The vaccination is an important preventative tool for people with chronic health conditions
  • Flu vaccines can be lifesaving to children


Flu season is upon us, so take the step to fight the flu and come by any of our 4 Charleston area urgent care centers to get vaccinated!