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Answers to 5 Common Questions about Flu and COVID-19

December 16, 2020

We know that flu season is a scary time for many people, and that adding COVID-19 is even more stressful. Along with taking physical precautions, it helps to know what our communities are up against. Luckily the CDC has taken the time to answer some of the questions on so many of our minds. See below to add to your knowledge on Flu and COVID-19 this season!


Q: Can you have both Flu and COVID-19 at the same time?

A: Yes, but it’s hard to tell the difference. Diagnostic testing can help determine if you are sick with one, the other, or both illness.


Q: Is there a test that can test for both viruses?

A: Yes. But it is only being used in public health laboratories and in limited capacities.


Q: Will the combination tests replace current testing?

A: No. The tests will not be used in commercial setting.


Q: Does getting a flu vaccine create a higher risk for contracting COVID-19?

A: No.


Q: Do flu antivirals helps against COVID-19?

A: No. Unless a patient has both the flu and COVID-19, flu antiviral treatments will not help.


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