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5 Tips on Working from Home

April 22, 2020

When things are ‘normal’ workdays often require a tight schedule of preparing for, commuting to, and participating in our workplace responsibilities. Our communities continue to make necessary adjustments in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 meaning new schedules have been emerging for many of us. It’s easier said than done, though, which is why we have 5 tips for those of us that are working from home:

  1. Designate a space for work that has everything you usually need at your desk. This will reduce distractions throughout the day.
  2. Schedule things as close to ‘normal’ as possible. This will keep your habitual workflow in-tact as well as make it easier to transition back to ‘normal’.
  3. Take time to transition between work and home life. This could mean substituting your commute with a walk around your home or apartment or listening to music or a podcast as you might do on a commute.
  4. Use the sun to your advantage by sitting near windows if weather and the lay-out of your home permits. Who needs to burn through light bulbs if you have nature?
  5. Allow technology to keep you connected. Social distancing is only meant to be a physical distance so use your resources to keep socially connected to your coworkers as much as you would if they were just down the hallway.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your work is important and we hope these tips help! If you start to feel unwell though, our centers are ready to help you maintain or recover your physical health, too.

Health First is open 8:00am to 8:00pm every day of the week and has designated our center in Mt. Pleasant for COVID-19 testing. To book a Telemedicine visit click here. If you need to be seen in center, you can save your spot in line here. We look forward to helping you Get Better. Faster!