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3 Things You Should Clean Throughout Flu Season

January 08, 2020

Flu season is in full swing. For the most part, the things you can do to prevent the flu’s invasion of your life have been presented. Flu shots? Check. Vitamins and healthy foods? Check. Awareness? Double check- as if you could ignore the feverish, coughing, sneezing members of society we see out and about seeking relief.

But there are a few more things you should be thinking about in order to stave off the flu, or to decontaminate your home if the flu has found a foothold.

  1. Bags: School bags, purses, laptop bags, and even reusable grocery bags. These things go with the members of our families out into the world of germs. Then they re-enter our homes, covered in yuck.
  2. Remote controls: If anyone in your family has been parked in front of the TV with an illness, it’s highly likely that remote control still carries contagions. Don’t forget about gaming console remotes!
  3. The contents of your wallet: We’ve all been told at some point or another that cash in general is dirty, but what about the credit cards and ID’s that we touch repeatedly? When we’re sick, we go to the doctor, pull those plastic cards out, and go on our way. But that pen you used before pulling out your credit card… well those germs just got transferred to the same credit card you’ll pull out at the drive through, before sneaking a fry, without washing your hands.

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